Cookie Policy

This policy relates to the website, owned by Helen's Minimal Studios & Apartments and explains how it deploys cookies and what options do you have to control them (the “Cookie Policy”).

1. What are “cookies”?

Cookies are very small pieces of data, stored in text files on your computer or other device when websites are loaded in a browser. They are used mainly to “remember” you and your preferences. In many sites, they ensure a consistent and efficient experience for visitors, and perform essential functions such as allowing users to register and remain logged in.

Cookies can be set by the site that you are visiting (known as “first party cookies”), or by third parties, such as those who serve content or provide advertising or analytics services on the website (“third party cookies”).

Websites may also contain other similar technologies such as “web beacons” or “pixels.” These are typically small transparent images that provide us with statistics, for similar purposes as cookies. They are often used in conjunction with cookies, though they are not stored on your computer in the same way. As a result, if you disable cookies, web beacons may still load, but their functionality will be restricted. For the purposes of this policy, we will use “cookies” as also including “web beacons” or “pixels”.

2. What cookies does this website use?

The website uses third-party performance cookies. Through these cookies, we do not collect nor process any of your data: we just enable the collection and processing of such data by third-parties.

Performance cookies collect information on how users interact with our website, including number of visitors, time spent, as well as other analytical data. We use these details to improve how our website function and to understand how users interact with it.

We will not use any cookies other than the following third-party performance cookies:

Cookie Owner Info
_ga Google
__cfduid Cloudflare

Also, following the consent you provide for the use of the abovementioned cookies, we deploy a single cookie for the single purpose of remembering such consent.

3. How can you control the use of cookies in this website?

A “cookie notice” appeared when you accessed our website, requesting your consent for the use of cookies. Your consent was free, explicit, unambiguous and properly informed by this Cookie Policy.

When you consent in this manner, we set cookies on the site you are visiting. If you do not provide consent, we will not deploy any cookies in your browser. If you do provide consent, you can opt-out at any time by clicking here. By doing so, you won’t share information with our analytics tool about events or actions that happen after the opt-out.

4. Contact Us

If you have any questions about our use of cookies or other related questions, please refer to our Privacy Policy.